Bilal Basrai – Things To Keep In Mind During an Investment Banking Interview

Having worked as an investment banker and corporate financial analyst for such prestigious financial institutions as Lehman Brothers and UBS Financial, Bilal Basrai has faced more than one investment banking job interview. It’s a high pressure situation, but you may be able to alleviate some of that pressure by keeping the following in mind.

Know The Role

If you walk into a job interview without having any idea about what the role actually entails, you are simply going to offend the interviewer and give them a reason to cross you off their list before you even sit down to talk. Do your research, demonstrate that you understand what will be required of you and discuss what you can bring to the specific role, in addition to the company in general.

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About Bilal Basrai

Bilal Basrai is an experienced investment banker who has been responsible for developing and cultivating corporate finance clients for many large banking institutions over his 18-year career. He has worked for leading investment banks including Salomon Smith Barney, UBS Financial, and Lehman Brothers. Most of his experience early in his career is in covering the healthcare sector for these establishments.
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