Bilal Basrai – Tips For Improving Your Tennis Serve

When he is not busy with his work as a financial professional, Bilal Basrai likes to stay active and maintain his physical fitness by playing tennis. “I was a star high school tennis player that went to the State Championship during my junior and senior years in high school,” he says. “I taught tennis during high school and my college summers.” The serve is one of the fundamental aspects of the game that Basrai would have taught during this time and it is something that many novices struggle with.

These tips will help you improve.

Keep Your Eyes On The Ball

The main mistake that new players make when trying to serve is taking their eyes off the ball. Even a split-second can lead to you losing track of the flight of the ball, resulting in missed and inaccurate serves.

Aim Before Throwing

As your eyes will be on the ball when it is in the air, you need to be sure of where you want to hit it before starting the serving motion. Check where you opponent is standing on the opposite side of the court and consider whether it is best to serve to the front or backhand. Know where you want the ball to go before starting the motion.

Focus On Technique

While power will become an integral part of your serve game, it is crucial that you master the technique before trying to generate more of it. Once you can consistently serve the ball with accuracy you will be ready to start developing more power.

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About Bilal Basrai

Bilal Basrai is an experienced investment banker who has been responsible for developing and cultivating corporate finance clients for many large banking institutions over his 18-year career. He has worked for leading investment banks including Salomon Smith Barney, UBS Financial, and Lehman Brothers. Most of his experience early in his career is in covering the healthcare sector for these establishments.
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